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  • Since new manger its become a bad unhappy place. To much work not enough staff to do the work but still moaned at if not completed. Moaned at for stupid things no name badge go meads even if ordered one, uniform takes forever to turn up moaned at bec
  • I have ordered online couple of items that was "supposedly" shipped and delivered to me, as per a tracking link they sent me... However this never happened. I sent an email and called couple of times and was promised to receive a call in 24 hours wit
  • Appalling job installing a fridge. Scratched the wooden floors, broke a wooden piece in the cupboard and left the fridge unstable. NEVER again
  • Ordered An electric oven from currys on the 1/12/2014 the money came out of my account almost immediately never heard a thing from them untill I phoned inquiring about the delivery date, to be told it was out of stock and the next delivery woul be
  • Dear customer Services, I am respectable middle age human being and work as an IT consultant in Cooperate environment. I have visited JD Sports shop today (8th December 2014 at 8:30pm) in Brent Cross shopping centre with my nephew, and wanted to
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